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Website design – free and premium images for your websites and blogs

Website design – free and premium images for your website or blog

Eh… come closer and I’ll whisper a secret.
I’ll tell you where you can find stunning free and premium images for your websites and blogs.

Why do you need to know that?

Because images are becoming more and more important in modern web design.
They’re getting bigger, more creative and much more professional.
The days of touching up an old image on Photoshop and uploading are long gone.

So where do you find great images?

I’ll tell you, but only if you promise to keep it a secret…….


Sources of free and premium images used by WM Web Design for client sites

free and premium images used by WM Web Design for client sites

We always advise clients to use their own images if possible but if they must use sourced images, to stay well away from the cheesy and clichéd images that you see on so many websites.

Steer clear of the smiling young lady at the switchboard, the two construction workers looking at blueprints and wearing shiny new yellow hard hats or the two business professionals shaking hands – yuk!

We try to pick images that fit in with the website, look natural and have a touch of the wow factor.

We source both free and premium images for our clients and these are the sources we use:

Our top two sources of free images

When you’re looking for free images you don’t want to spend ages sorting through random images hoping that the right one will suddenly appear. You want a source that has plenty of images, a comprehensive index system and allows you to search for keywords.

These are two sources that we’ve found easy to use, have a good range of images and good search facilities.

Our top two sources of premium images

Sources of premium images tend to have a bigger collection and better indexing and search systems than the free sources. They also have attractive looking display interfaces where images enlarge as you hover over them.

These are our top two premium image sources that are easy to use and find just the right image.

Other sources of free images that we’ve used

From time to time we’ve also used free images from other sources. Here are a few that are all very different and some are pretty quirky, but they may be just what you’re looking for.


Sources of free and premium images recommended by the #Genesiswp community

Sources of free and premium images

I know that there are a lot of image sources out there but I didn’t want to just Google for them and then produce a list.
I wanted a list in which we could have some confidence.

So what did I do?

I asked the #Genesiswp community over on twitter to let me know where they get their images… and boy did they come good.
Here’s a list of their replies together with their twitter handles – if you get a minute, pay them a visit.

Susan Ramsey @affordpassions
I use – selection isn’t as great as istock, but pricing is excellent.

Robert Neu @realFATmedia
I use sometimes. is pretty cool.
Also check out and the creative commons section of

Bob Dunn @bobW
I use istock on occasion, liked pond5 when they first came out, now their prices have gone up,
freedigitalphotos is okay also, have used a bit of dreamstime

Zoomyimages @ZoomyImages
We have lots of great images! Let us know if you need any help!

Susan Nelson @OhHelloDesign
I recently discovered and it seems decent. Also like
Actually, I should say @AllegraSinclair shared with me. Seems like a great find so far!

Diane Kinney @gidgetthegeek
Some interesting stuff on morgueFile

Bradley Potter @bradleypotter
ShutterStock, DepositPhotos, PhotoDune

Shannon Dow @eightcrazy
Have you looked at

Emily White @emwhitedesigns
Vectorstock is my go-to for illustrations. Most items only $1. Much of the same stock as istockphoto.


Other sources of free and premium images

This is your section of the post.
As you let me know of image sources that aren’t already included I’ll add them to this section.

I’ll start the ball rolling with a source that I discovered recently.

From @wmwebdes

From @SarahArrow
Photo pin (free images)


Please help us to grow this resource by letting us know where you source your images

We’d like this post to become the web’s #1 resource for sources of free and premium images, but we can only do that with your help.
If you know of any other image sources that we’ve not mentioned or if you run a website that provides images then please let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list

We’ll keep updating the list as we receive information so please keep stopping by to check for updates.

Look forward to hearing from you.





  1. Thanks for the mention, Keith! Great post – I hadn’t heard of some of these sources! For the most part, I like to take my own images, but sometimes, it’s just not possible to cover all the angles, if you know what I mean?

  2. I like they are a paid site but they give you 10 free credits on registration.
    I like Big Stock too. For free images I use Photopin quite a lot as well as buying graphics and image bundles from places like mighty deals.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..72 Places to promote your Kindle book when it’s freeMy Profile

  3. Hey Keith, what a great resource for all of us. You never just tease us with a site or two, you go for it!

    And I might add some of the sites that are premium sometimes have a free section or free images. For example, they do have a free image section if you register. Not the greatest pics, but you’ll find some scattered there. Also, has a free weekly image if you are registered. Some good ones have shown up there. I’m sure there are others that do the same.

    Thanks again, will be sending lots of people here for sure!
    Bob Dunn recently posted..Blessing of the BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Bob
      “You never just tease us with a site or two, you go for it!”
      You guys gave me all the info I just put it together.
      I’m hoping that this one will grow as people add further sources of images.
      Sarah has already added four!

      Appreciate the additional info Bob.
      I’m sure that it will be helpful to visitors.

      Looking forward to receiving your visitors.
      And thanks for your support Bob.
      Keith Davis recently posted..Modern Portfolio – responsive Genesis child theme for WordPressMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the mention Keith. At zoomyimages we feel confident users will find our upfront affordable pricing on RF images fair, and the user experience and accurate search results a pleasurable experience.

  5. Thanks for this post Keith. I’ve bookmarked it for future reference. Wish I had a secret source to share, but the ones I’ve used are already covered. I definitely plan on checking some of the others that I hadn’t heard of.
    William McKinley recently posted..NoScript FireFox Add-On – I Don’t Feel Safe Without ItMy Profile

  6. Bookmarked! Great resource, Keith!
    Carrie recently posted..Introduction to WordPress FrameworksMy Profile