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Video for the Genesis theme framework for WordPress

videos for genesis child theme framework for wordpress

In my opinion the best WordPress child theme framework out there is… Genesis by Studiopress.
I love it to pieces.

It has great themes, state of the art coding and a fabulous support forum, but… it doesn’t have any “show me how” videos.

Sure that lady with the deep and sexy voice narrates videos showing you how to set up your themes, but no get down and dirty videos showing you how to tinker under the bonnet.

However on a recent visit to the Studiopress blog I had a pleasant surprise…

Oh joy of joy… Studiopress have started to produce fabulous videos presented by the rather delightful Mr Josh Byers.

So why are they producing videos?
This is what Josh Buyers says in his post over on Studiopress:

Here at StudioPress we’re all about feeding you for your lifetime.
We’ve given you all the gear you need in the Genesis Design Framework for WordPress, our great collection of child themes and other resources like free plugins and graphics.

Now we want to teach you how to put it all together.
Josh ByersStudiopress

Well said that man and now without further ado… let’s take a look at the first video.


Installing Genesis and a child theme

You’ve bought Genesis and you’ve bought a fabulous child theme and now you’re thinking… what do I do next?

What do I upload and which is the active theme?

Don’t worry…this first video shows you exactly what to do to get you off and running with your Genesis website.

Thanks Studiopress and thanks Josh for a great explanation of how to install Genesis and a child theme… in just over 3 minutes!

Wish I’d seen this video when I first started using Genesis.
It would have made life a whole lot easier.


Stay tuned for regular Genesis child theme videos

This is the first of a series of videos that Studiopress will be producing and as more are released we will feature them here on WM Web Design.

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any then please subscribe to our feed (top right in the sidebar) and you’ll receive notifications by email.


Getting started with the Genesis theme framework for WordPress

In order to get started with a Genesis WordPress website, you need the Genesis theme framework plus a child theme.

To help you choose a child theme, you may find the following resources useful:

Genesis child themes – the full collection of Genesis child themes included in the ProPlus Package.

Mobile responsive Genesis child themes – a full collection of mobile responsive Genesis child themes.

Genesis Community Marketplace themes – a collection of Genesis child themes produced by top Genesis theme developers.

WordPress theme selector tool – a fabulous tool to help you choose your perfect WordPress theme.

Look forward to seeing you up and running with your first website on the Genesis theme framework – enjoy.