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Stretch 1.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

stretch 1 genesis child theme for wordpress

The Stretch 1.0 theme is the “little black dress” of WordPress themes.
It may not have been designed by Coco Chanel, but it’s simple, sophisticated and absolutely stunning!

Simple – because all the frippery has been stripped away, no sidebar and no fat footer just content, content, content.

Sophisticated – because its proportions and layout are classic and guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your content.

Stunning – because colour combinations, fonts and textured backgrounds give this theme a deep rich appearance, which fires your imagination.

If you’d like to see the Stretch theme in all its uncluttered glory then head over to the Studiopress site and take the Stretch Theme for a spin.

This must be the ultimate writer’s theme. You can read the story with no distraction and the background image projects the story even further in the mind of the reader.
It really creates the feeling you are there. Excellent work from you guys.
Bob RStudiopress blog

The power of the Stretch 1.0 theme is in its simplicity

Maybe we’ve become so used to stuffed sidebars and bloated footers that we think that’s what all websites should look like.
Fortunately Studiopress have rethought the basic model and they’ve stripped it back to the essentials… content and a menu plus a teeny weeny footer.

And just like that “little black dress” they’ve done it in such a way that the content shouts… hey look at me!

If ever you wanted an example of “less is more” you’ve found it in the Stretch theme.

The power of the Stretch theme really does lie in its simplicity.

Easily connect with your audience on whatever device they choose with the fluid versatility of the Stretch child theme.
The smart and deceptively simple design of our most flexible theme yet gives you full control of an out-of-the-box mobile responsive website, right now.

Stretch 1.0 may be simple… but it’s packed with features

Don’t worry peeps, just because you want “simple” you don’t have to skimp on features.

The Stretch child theme includes the following features:

  1. Six colour options – blue, green, orange, pink, purple and yellow – allows you to pick the colour scheme that is just right for you.
  2. Custom menus – supports WordPress custom menus.
  3. Featured images – supports WordPress featured images.
  4. Fixed width – gives you precise control over the exact look of your site.
  5. Mobile responsive – adapts to your visitors screen size and gives them the optimum viewing experience. A must-have feature to future-proof your website.
  6. Theme options – allows you to control many of your theme options from within the WordPress admin area.
  7. Four page templates – archive, blog, column and landing page templates.


How to setup the Genesis Stretch 1.0 child theme

We’ve set up more than our share of Genesis child themes at WM Web Design and this one is the easiest we’ve ever used – it only has one widget area!

Page and post layouts – Stretch 1.0 theme uses a full page layout for both pages and posts. It does not have sidebar options.

Featured image – to set the featured image, write your post / page and upload an image. Click the “use as featured image” link.
You do not have to insert the image in the post it just has to be the featured image.

You may also set a default image under Genesis -> Theme Settings -> Stretch – Default image. Type in the URL, or use the included default at the following url.
(Substitute your own domain name.)

Menu – in order to set the menu, create a WordPress custom menu then Visit Appearance -> Widgets and drag the Custom Menu widget to Header Right.
Choose the menu you just created.

If you’re not sure how to create a custom menu take a look at this general tutorial on menus before you start.

Alternate colour schemes – are available under Genesis -> Settings -> Color Styles. Simply pick the colour scheme you want.

Further customisation – Stretch 1.0 looks fabulous straight out of the box, but if you want to do any more customisation, we recommend the Genesis Extender plugin by Eric Hamm.


Head over to Studiopress and pick up your own “little black dress”

Like I said at the beginning, this theme may not have been designed by Coco Chanel, but it’s set to become a classic.

If you’re looking for a theme that puts your content first, a theme that comes without the distractions of sidebars and footers, a theme that is set to become a classic, then Stretch 1.0 is the theme for you.

If you like the look of the Stretch 1.0 theme and you’d like to find out details of pricing etc. head over to Studiopress and put the Stretch theme through its paces and see its features in action.

What a cool theme!
I love how different it is! Way to go on cutting edge designs.
Christina HillsStudiopress blog

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the review.
We’d love to hear from you so if you have any thoughts on anything and everything please leave them in the comments below.

A big thank you to Geoff Livingston for allowing me to use the fabulous graphic I used as the background in the top image.
If you’d like to see more of Geoff’s images then head over to his website and check out his free images.

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  1. This is really incredible! Thank you so much, Keith. I never envisioned my photos used like this! Amazing!
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    • Hi Geoff
      My pleasure to feature your image.
      In fact, truth to tell, I should be thanking you.

      Appreciate you sharing these fabulous images with the community.