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Headway Theme Websites

In the world of WordPress Theme Frameworks, there’s a new kid on the block, Headway Version 3.
Actually Headway aren’t new, but with the release of Version 3 of their theme software… they may have shot to the top of the rankings.

Why is Headway so good?
Take a look at the video….

Headway 3.0 from Headway Themes on Vimeo.

Pretty impressive eh?
Drag and drop… no code required.

This is a WordPress theme framework like no other.
It really is drag and drop… you don’t have to know a thing about coding.
Headway puts the power of a website designer in your hands.


Headway’s 3 step process to setting up a website

The powerhouse behind Headway is the Visual Editer which allows you to create your site visually. It’s just like drawing it on a piece of paper.
Let’s take a closer look at the three steps to creating and styling your Headway website.

Step 1 – Place your blocks
To create the layout of your website you go into the Visual Editor and select Grid Mode.
In Grid Mode you layout the various areas of your site… header content, sidebar, footer etc.
No constraints, just the way you want it.

Step 2 – Set your options
Next step is to set the global settings for your site layout.
This is done in the Visual Editor under Manage Mode.
Here you can set the overall width of the site, top and bottom margins, all the things that you want to apply across your site on a global basis.

Step 3 – Customise everything
Finally… you come to the creative bit, Design Mode.
In Design Mode you add header images, background colours, rounded corners, drop shadows and all the other styling elements that make your site different to any other site out there.

That’s it.
Headway’s simple 3 step process to creating the site of your dreams.

“I recommend Headway 3.0 without hesitation to anyone who wants a great looking site. Headway is all about putting you in control, by allowing you to intuitively develop amazing sites and blogs, by moving blocks around a screen – Zero need for coding. Make no mistake: Headway is not only the best site building software I have ever seen, it’s also the most commercially valuable piece of software I have ever bought.”
Jim Connolly

Support from Headway team and community

No matter how good any piece of software is, at some point you will need support and Headway provide great support.

Support starts with a comprehensive set of “how to” videos.
These videos are a great way to teach yourself all about Headway.

You can also get day and night support from the Headway team and community via their forum and Social Networks.

“If Headway 2.0 transformed the way we design blogs, Headway 3.0 will transform the way we design, full stop. Even if there was only one upgrade from the previous version, and that upgrade was the Blocks System, that would still position Headway 3.0 as the leading WordPress framework around, bar none. Take the time to get to know it – it’ll be the best time you’ve ever invested in blog and site design period.”
Danny Brown

Buy Headway now

If you’re a website designer or developer or someone who wants to get involved with website design, then Headway 3 is for you.
Take a look at the video again and if you’re as impressed as I am… head over to the Headway site by clicking the Headway graphic below.
Check out their Plans and Pricing, and join the ever growing number of people who are changing to Headway.

Expert coder or just starting out in website design, Headway 3 is the tool you’ve been dreaming about.
It’s time you started making Headway.

Headway Themes — The Drag & Drop WordPress Theme