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Genesis Theme Websites

WM Web Design runs on WordPress using the Minimum Genesis child theme by Studiopress. We believe that the Genesis platform is so good, we use Genesis themes for all of our client’s business websites.

For a quick overview of Genesis, take a look at the short video below…

StudioPress Is from StudioPress on Vimeo.

There are lots of great WordPress themes out there, so why do we choose Genesis?
Because Genesis child themes provide fantastic looking websites built-in search engine optimisation and regular updates, which are second to none.

As Studiopress put it…

All of our themes are built upon the Genesis Framework. When you buy a StudioPress theme, you are getting state of the art code, smart design architecture as well as an array of beautiful frames for your content. You get unlimited access to our support forum, as well as unlimited theme updates.
You can use our themes on as many websites as you wish. There’s no “Developer Option” here. Learn why Genesis is the foundation of any smart WordPress design.

That’s the technical bits and pieces, but how does that translate into giving you a better website?

  1. Beautiful frames for your content – means that visitors to your site get a great “first impression” of you and your company and are more inclinede to read further.
  2. Mobile responsive – your website adapts to your visitors screen size and gives them the optimum viewing experience. A mobile responsive website is a must-have feature to future-proof your website and make sure that you don’t miss out on the increasing amount of mobile traffic.
  3. State of the art code – means that your site will be lightening fast and “page load time” is now part of the Google algorithm. Every little helps in the battle for the top places in Google searches.
  4. Built-in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – means that every page on your website can be optimised from within the WordPress dashboard to give you every advantage with the search engines.
  5. Smart design architecture – means that the various areas of your site can be modified to suit your particular requirements.
  6. Unlimited theme updates – means that your site is always up to date and compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

If that’s not enough… over 60,000 online publishers trust Genesis to provide a solid foundation for their sites and this is what Darren Rowse and Chris Brogan, WordPress users and two of the internet’s most high profile celebrities, have to say about Genesis:

“Genesis lets me sleep easy. Knowing my blog is well optimized, secure and easy to update lets me get on with developing content, community and building a business from my blogging.”
Darren Rowse – Founder,

“The Genesis Framework lets me focus on my business, not on design tweaks and SEO. It’s really easy to edit and adapt, and in the hands of a good designer, it really sings.”
Chris Brogan – President, HB Works

What all this means is that when you choose WM Web Design, you get a great looking business website that is highly optimised for the search engines, has great page loading times and can be updated easily to reflect the changes of the internet.

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