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Genesis people – Bob Dunn – bringing the power of Video to Genesis

Genesis theme framework people - Bob Dunn Genesis Videos

I first came across Bob Dunn and his wife Judy over on Danny Brown’s blog “For Bloggers by Bloggers”.
I learnt most of what I know about blogging from that site via great posts from Bob and Judy, Danny Brown himself and other A list bloggers such as Sarah Arrow, Brankica Underwood and Joey Strawn.

But Bob didn’t make it onto my Genesis people list because of his blogging skills, he made it because he’s produced some of the best Genesis related videos that you’ll find on the net today and… they’re absolutely free.

Bob’s produced over a dozen Genesis related videos covering such things as settings, widgets, and plugins so let’s jump straight in and see what gems we can find.

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Bob Dunn

Customise your theme with the Custom features of the Genesis theme framework

One of the great things about the Genesis theme framework is the ability to customise your child theme.

Last time I looked Bob was running his main site using the Minimum 2.0 Genesis child theme but it looks a lot different to the default Minimum 2.0 setup, because he’s customised it.

Now I’m not saying that watching a couple of videos will turn you into a WordPress dev, but a great way to customise your theme and really make it your own is to add a header or background image.

In this video, Bob shows you how.



That’s how easy it is to put your stamp on your WordPress theme with a custom header or background.
And just to remind you of a couple of points that Bob made:

  • Make sure that your header image is exactly the right size to avoid having to crop.
  • If you’re using a large background image, optimise it for the web before you upload.

Bob has also produced videos on Genesis General Theme Settings and the all important Genesis SEO Settings.
Two great videos that will help you become familiar with the Genesis theme framework.


Going further with Genesis theme customisation

Using a custom header or background image will certainly allow you to personalise your theme, but if you want to take customisation further, here are a few suggestions:

#1 Genesis Extender plugin – the Extender is a great plugin for customising your theme and it works with all Genesis child themes.

Top features include a custom CSS editor and the ability to setup a completely customised EZ static homepage with just a few mouse clicks.
We use this plugin on this site and all our client sites.

#2 Genesis Prose child theme – Prose is a child theme, but it’s different to the other child themes. You can change fonts, links, padding and all the other CSS settings, without touching a single line of code, and all from within your WordPress dashboard.

If you want to know more, check out my post on the Prose Genesis child theme.

Or take a look at Bob’s video on the Design Features of the Prose Child Theme.

#3 Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis – Dynamik is the ultimate “blank canvas” Genesis child theme that provides you with over 800 no-coding design options, gives you 49 one-click homepage configuration settings and provides you with responsive design controls.

For an overview of Dynamik complete with detailed video tutorials, check out Dynamik Website builder for Genesis.


Genesis default widgets – populate your pages and posts with these fabulous widgets

Have you ever looked at a Genesis child theme and thought how complicated the homepage looks and how difficult it would be to set it up? It may even have put you off moving over to a Genesis theme.

Well think again, because most child theme homepages are setup using the Genesis default widgets that come with every theme.

All you have to do is drag one of those widgets into a widget area, add a title and a little text and hit save – job done.

In this video Bob uses the Genesis News child theme to introduce you to the Genesis default widgets and shows you how easy it is to set them up.

The default widgets covered are: Genesis Featured Page, Genesis Featured Posts, Genesis Latest Tweets and Genesis User Profile.



See what I mean?
Even the most complex of homepages can be setup without any coding skills using the Genesis default widgets.

Maybe it’s time you took another look at that Genesis theme that you always promised yourself.


Dedicated Genesis plugins – why and how to use them

Another stand-out feature of Genesis is the number of dedicated plugins available – fortunately Bob has covered plugins in detail.

His videos dedicated to plugins include:

  • Genesis Simple Sidebars
  • Genesis Simple Menus
  • Genesis Simple Edits
  • Genesis Simple Comments
  • Genesis Simple Hooks
  • Genesis Simple Breadcrumbs
  • Genesis Responsive Slider

These are all great time saving plugins aimed at the non coder so let’s take a look at Bob’s video on the Genesis Simple Edits plugin.



I know that all these plugins are called “simple” but figuring out from scratch how to use them is far from simple.
With Bob’s videos you can remove that steep learning curve and use these great plugins like a Genesis pro.


Bob Dunn – the non geeky geek bringing the power of Video to Genesis

If you’ve been thinking of moving over to the Genesis theme framework, but don’t know much about Genesis, then Bob’s videos are a great place to start.

These are in-depth videos aimed at the non coder who wants to get the most out of the framework and wants to get a blog or website up and running as quickly as possible.

Please visit Bob’s website for a full list of his Genesis related videos.

His knowledge is extensive, but unlike some other experts, he never takes a “tone” with the less fortunate!
Bob describes himself as a non-geeky geek, and this is true.
Kathy PaulWriter

That’s about it folks so it only remains for me to say….

Thanks for the videos, thanks for being a non geeky geek and special thanks for the blogging tips you gave me all those years ago.
Ladies and gentlemen I give you your own your very own… Mr Bob Dunn.


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  1. Very, very nice! I know what I’ll be doing for the next few hours.

  2. Wow, Keith! I am honored. Good thing my avatar isn’t virtual, you would see me blushing 🙂 Cheers and appreciate the shout out.
    Bob Dunn recently posted..RSS, Hyperlinks and Underlined Text: WordPress’s Two-sided CoinsMy Profile

  3. Great post Keith and definitely giving credit where credit is due. It didn’t take me long to find Bob’s website when I was getting started with Genesis and his videos have been very helpful to me. I didn’t realize Prose was so “easy” until I saw his video about it just the other day. Bob’s site is indeed a great resource.
    WMcKinley recently posted..5 Reasons Why I Love My “niche”My Profile

  4. Oh, crikey! It’s 3:00 AM. I was just about to go off to bed, Keith. And now I have Bob Dunn’s intriguing videos staring me in the face, tempting me to stay awake.

    I should know better than to head over here expecting a short stay. When will I ever learn?! LOL!!

  5. Bob is a huge asset to the WP and Genesis community! Great article, Keith!