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Genesis Extender Plugin – for Genesis Child themes

genesis extender plugin for customising genesis child themes

Is it Christmas yet?
It feels like Christmas because I’ve just had a fabulous present from Eric Hamm… the Genesis Extender plugin and I love it.

This is the plugin that all “non coder” Genesis users have been waiting for.
With this plugin you now have a developer right there in your dashboard and you can use it with any Genesis child theme.

Eric has produced three short videos to show you how to get started with the plugin so let’s take a look at the first one:


Once you activate the plugin you get two additional options under the Genesis options… Extender Settings and Extender Custom.
This is what’s covered under each:

Genesis extender Settings – the basics

  1. Plugin Info – version information, basic resource information.
  2. General Settings – set a customised EZ static homepage, remove page titles, custom post types, WordPress post formats, content encoding / enable gzip and custom thumbnail sizes.
  3. Import / Export – full import / export capabilities of all your various options in the Genesis extender plugin.

Genesis extender Custom – the meat of the Extender plugin

  1. Custom CSS builder – add CSS on the fly – work in the dashboard or on your page.
  2. Custom functions – type or paste your functions directly in to the text-field area.
  3. Custom conditionals – allows you to set up WordPress conditional tags, which gives you the ability to display content selectively using for instance is_home() or is_page().
  4. Custom Widget areas – create multiple custom widget areas, without coding, and hook-in and create conditional. Add content to the widget areas via “appearance-widgets”.
  5. Custom Hook boxes – like Custom Widget areas but you add content directly in to the text-field area instead of going to “appearance-widgets”.
  6. Image uploader – upload images that you will be working on and add them to your design.

That’s a whistle stop overview… if you’re still with me, take a deep breath and we’ll take a look at a few of the functions in a little more detail.


Genesis Extender – the Custom CSS builder

I love the CSS builder – I’ve been playing around with the look of WM Web Design using it, adding shadows, rounded corners, changing fonts and all done whilst you’re on the page.

Take a look at Eric’s second video where he demonstrates just how versatile and powerful the CSS builder is.

Not bad eh?
CSS on the fly, written, formatted and set out nicely in the text field area and the results shown instantly.
And all without any of that nasty ftp’ing.


Genesis Extender – Custom Conditionals, Widget Areas and Hook Boxes

Final video time folks and in this one Eric demonstrates the use of Custom Conditionals, Widget Areas and Hook Boxes.

He finishes by setting up a “Genesis Box” using the Genesis Box code provided by studiopress.
He adds the code to a Custom Hook box, uses a Custom Conditional to make it appear only on single posts and he hooks it in to “after post content” and finally… he styles it with the Custom CSS builder.

There you go, a real world example of using a Custom Hook box with Custom Conditionals and Hooks – and all done without touching your functions.php file.


Genesis visual hook guide plugin by Christopher Cochran

If you’re not familiar with “hooking in” and you’re not sure where the various hook locations are, we suggest installing the Genesis visual hook guide by Christopher Cochran.

The plugin shows you exactly where the hook locations are on your site and then you can decide where to insert your content.

We’ve tried it with the Genesis Extender plugin and they play together really well.
A word of caution – don’t enable gzip Compression – that causes problems.


Pick up your copy of the Genesis Extender Plugin and start customising today

If you work with Genesis and Genesis child themes and you would like to be able to customise both layout and appearance and create a customised static homepage then the Extender plugin is for you.

The Extender Plugin allows you to do some pretty awesome things, but its real beauty lies in the fact that you can do everything from within the dashboard or even on-page, no need to use ftp to download files, edit and upload to see results.

This plugin saves you both time and energy and makes editing a joy.

You get the Genesis Extender plugin for a one-off payment, you can use it on as many sites as you like, you get full support and it comes with a rock solid 30 day money-back guarantee.

And one final point, if you think that this plugin will slow down your site read this article to see why the Genesis Extender plugin is Heavy On Features, Light On Your Server.


Genesis Child themes: Extended!

Genesis Framework The Extender Plugin for Genesis allows you to add content (like this affiliate box) anywhere you like, without hiring a developer. Best of all, the extender plugin works with ANY Genesis Child Theme!

Now with one-click HTML5 markup activation


  1. Just grabbed a copy of Extender and can’t wait to play with it! I’ve typically done my customizations in the functions.php file and like the separation this plugin gives. It’ll make switching themes on a site breezier! Keith, glad you mentioned the visual hook guide – it’s a great tool for understanding where all those hooks come into play on the page.
    Carrie recently posted..Widgets Gone WildMy Profile

    • Hi Carrie
      Good to hear that even a coder like you is using the Extender.

      Good point about the functions.php file and the separation you get with the plugin – if anything goes wrong you can just delete what you’ve added to the plugin.
      Lots of people don’t like messing with their functions.php file – me included.

      Yes – the visual hook guide plugin is fabulous – really shows you where you are adding info.

      Eric Hamm has just written a piece about how light on resources the plugin is… I’ve added a link at the bottom of the post.
      You may find it interesting.

      Thanks for coming over and leaving a great comment Carrie.
      Keith Davis recently posted..Catalyst theme framework – Custom CSS BuilderMy Profile

      • Hi Keith..

        Quick Q – as I see you are well versed in using the Extender Plugin:

        I want to add:
        [code]remove_filter(‘pre_user_description’, ‘wp_filter_kses’);[/code]
        to allow me the use of HTML tags in the user bio (to be displayed in the Author Box)

        I am trying to add it into the Functions tab, but being the first time I am using it, I need to know if I have to close the PHP there?
        The textarea already contains the starting code for a php snippet, but no closing. Do I have to add it myself or is it added by the plugin by default? I am not sure…

        Steve eMailSmith recently posted..7 Top Marketing Spam Words List – which trigger spam killer filters – That I Safely Use DailyMy Profile

        • Hey Keith,

          It’s hard to answer that question accurately without more clear information regarding exactly where you’re adding your code, what other code might be in the same locations, etc.. And these are question that are more easily addressed in our support forum.

          The simple answer, however, is that if the code you posted in your comment is going into a Custom Hook Box and is the only code in that Hook Box then you’d need to wrap it in tags. If, however, your adding this code in the Extender > Custom Function textarea and there is code the precedes it then we’d need to know exactly what that code looks like to be able to answer.

          Eric Hamm recently posted..Case Study: Miracon Web DesignMy Profile

  2. Just bought through your link, mate. I’m feeling restless on my design – not sure whether to change up the theme or tinker. We’ll see. 🙂

  3. http://cherie says

    This is genius, thank you so very much for not just this phenomenal plugin, but for taking the time to explain and show how to use it.

  4. Hello Keith, thanks very much for the great summary of Genesis Extender features and the link. I just purchased my copy and will be using it in the development of my new site.

    • Great stuff Tim
      I use the extender on all my own sites and all client sites – once you buy it you can use it on as many sites as you like.
      Great for messing about with CSS without having to FTP changes all the time.

      Make sure you run through all Eric’s videos, they are very good.

      Just seen your “Coming soon” notice.
      Which child theme will you be using it with?
      Keith Davis recently posted..Epik 1.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPress by Wes Straham of AppfiniteMy Profile

      • I’m playing with Modern Portfolio at present – although there is some stiff competition from the Eleven40 theme 🙂 It’s very hard to decide as they (and many of the Genesis themes) are so good, but I think Modern Portfolio will be really nice. I’m very excited about the Extender plugin, and also looking with great interest at the Dynamik child theme. Such wonderful tools with enormous potential! Thanks for the great information.