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Christmas stocking fillers for Genesis theme users

genesis themes christmas presents

It’s that time of year again and pretty soon someone will be tapping you on the shoulder and saying… “OK so what do you want for Christmas?”

Fortunately if you’re a Genesis user, or thinking of becoming a Genesis user, you don’t have to settle for socks, hankies or underpants, there are lots of goodies out there that you can fill your stocking with.

I’m sure you’ve got your own wish list, but just in case, here are a few morsels to whet your appetite – bon appétit.

Spoil yourself with a stunning Genesis child theme for WordPress

First on our list is a shiny new Genesis child theme.

Maybe your old site is looking a bit dated or maybe you want to go mobile responsive or maybe you just want to get started with the Genesis theme framework.

Whatever your reason for looking for a new theme, here are a few links that will help you find the one that is just right for you:

  1. Genesis child themes by Studiopress – this is a full listing of all the Genesis child themes produced by Studiopress complete with clickable thumbnails.
  2. Mobile responsive Genesis child themes – take your pick of the twenty mobile responsive Genesis child themes currently available.
  3. Marketplace Genesis child themes – a collection of child themes produced by top Genesis developers. Head on over and check out the Genesis Marketplace themes.
  4. Genesis child themes by Rafal Tomal – Rafal is the chief designer over at Copyblogger and his themes are original, clean and absolutely stunning. If you want to take a look check out these Genesis child themes by Rafal Tomal.
  5. The Genesis Pro Plus package – the ultimate Genesis themes package. The Pro Plus package includes all the themes currently produced by Studiopress plus all their future themes – fabulous value!


What is the Genesis theme framework for WordPress?

Genesis is a WordPress theme framework that’s renowned for its lean code, state-of-the-art security, stunning child themes and built-in Search Engine Optimisation settings.

In order to get started with Genesis you need the Genesis theme framework plus a child theme.
You only buy the Genesis theme framework once and you can then use it with as many child themes and on as many sites as you like.

If you want to know more check out …

The StudioPress 101

Or download a free copy of the Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners (PDF – 1.4 MB)

See why over 86,000 website owners trust Studiopress themes.
Mashable calls Studiopress…
the “best of the best” among WordPress premium frameworks.


Customise your Genesis child themes with the Genesis Extender plugin

Next on our list is the plugin of all plugins for child theme customisation… the Genesis Extender.

Genesis child themes look great straight out of the box, but if you want to tweak your theme’s CSS, customise the home page or carry out any other customisation, we recommend the Genesis Extender plugin.

Eric Hamm is the developer of the Extender and this really is the plugin that all “non coder” Genesis users have been waiting for.

In order to get a feel for what you can do with this plugin take a look at this short video that Eric produced as an introduction:

With this plugin you now have a developer right there in your dashboard and you can use it with any Genesis child theme.

Key features of the Extender plugin are:

  1. Custom CSS builder – add CSS on the fly, work in the dashboard or on your page.
  2. Custom functions – type or paste your functions directly into the text-field area.
  3. Custom conditionals – allows you to set up WordPress conditional tags, which gives you the ability to display content selectively using for instance is_home() or is_page().
  4. Custom Widget areas – create multiple custom widget areas, without coding, and hook-in and create conditional. Add content to the widget areas via “appearance-widgets”.
  5. Custom Hook boxes – like Custom Widget areas but you add content directly in to the text-field area instead of going to “appearance-widgets”.
  6. Image uploader – upload images that you will be working on and add them to your design.

If you use the Genesis Framework then the Genesis Extender Plugin should be at the top of your list of must-have Plugins…period!
Eric HammGenesis Extender developer

Create your own themes with the Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis

Final item on our list is a special theme for Genesis, the Dynamik Website Builder.

The Dynamik Website Builder works in conjunction with the Genesis theme framework, so you need both to set-up your WordPress website.
It acts as a super theme and gives you control over appearance, layout and mobile responsiveness.

To get a better feel for the power of this theme take a look at this introductory video by Eric Hamm the developer.

Key features of the Dynamik Website Builder are:

Appearance of your website – 800 non-coding options covering fonts, colours, margins, padding, widths and a whole lot more, all laid out in a logical and easy to follow order.

Control of your homepage layout – 49 layout options plus the addition of the Home page Slider, Feature Top and Fat Footer give you enough choices to produce your perfect home page.

The power of responsive design – a simple one click solution to make your theme responsive plus the ability to fine tune different parts of your website.

Whether you’re a total beginner who wants to be able to customize their site design without coding knowledge or a Developer looking for an efficient design solution for their growing web development business, the Dynamik Website Builder delivers.
Eric HammDynamik developer

Rethink your WordPress hosting for the coming year

Whatever your budget you can still treat yourself to a little WordPress hosting present this Christmas.

Free and budget shared hosting with 5quidhost – when it comes to budget shared hosting I have no hesitation in recommending 5quidhost.
I used one of 5quid’s budget plans for years and was always impressed with the speed and quality of their support.

5quid also have a free no-time-limits plan, which you can try before signing up to one of their paid accounts.

Turbo+ shared hosting with 5quidhost – you can stay with one of 5quidhost’s standard hosting packages, or even their free package, for as long as you like, but as your site grows and you start to think more about pagespeed and SEO, you’ll want to consider upgrading.

If you don’t think you’re ready for VPS hosting then 5quidhost’s Turbo+ plan is just what you need. It’s the plan we currently use at WM Web Design and we’re highly delighted with the increase in speed and performance.
For an in-depth review of 5quidhost check out my article 5quidhost WordPress Hosting: from Starter to Turbo.

Managed WordPress hosting – if you’re looking for time saving, security and mega speed then Managed hosting is the way to go and the crème de la crème in Managed hosting is WP Engine.
This super short video is good introducrion to WP Engine and you may want to check out my article WP Engine: WordPress hosting at its best.



Add Sucuri malware detection, alerting, and cleanup to your WordPress website

If you take a look at the bottom right of my footer you’ll see a small blue badge with white writing, which says “Monitored by Sucuri”. That tells you that this site is monitored by the best WordPress security people in the business… Sucuri.

Sucuri is used by some of the top people and organisations in the WordPress community so if you value the security and reputation of your website and you’d like to sleep a little easier at night, maybe it’s time to put your security in the hands of the professionals.

This video by Dre Armeda, CEO and co-founder of Sucuri, walks you through the process of signing up and explains how Sucuri security protects your website.


When you’re talking about protection for your WordPress site and the things most important to you — your content — you want to trust the experts. There’s really no better choice than the team at Sucuri.
Cory J. Miller – Founder / CEO of iThemes

Whatever your choice… be sure to have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hope that you found my list more exciting than socks, hankies or underpants, and don’t forget, all of these products come with a rock solid 30 day money back guarantee.

That means that you can buy, try out over the Christmas break and if you’re not absolutely satisfied simply return and get your money back.

And finally we thank you for visiting WM Web Design and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.