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Genesis 2.0 – one click activation of HTML5 markup with Dynamik and Genesis Extender

Genesis 2.0 - one click activation of HTML5 markup with Dynamik theme and Genesis Extender plugin

No more sitting on the fence, no more messing about, no more shilly-shallying because in the next week or so WordPress version 3.6 will be released closely followed by Genesis version 2.0 – and you have a decision to make.

Security dictates that you upgrade to WordPress 3.6 and since all the existing Studiopress child themes are compatible with Genesis 2.0 (without HTML5 activation) you can safely upgrade to the latest version of Genesis, but the decision you have to make is… should you activate HTML5?
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Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis or…. the Genesis Extender plugin?

dynamik website builder or genesis extender plugin

If you’ve read my posts on the Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis and the Genesis Extender plugin, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of both products and pretty impressed by their developer Eric Hamm.

The only problem is… deciding which one is right for you.

Fortunately Eric has produced a video explaining what each one is, what they do and how they are best used.
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Genesis Extender plugin – Create an EZ Static Homepage

genesis extender plugin ez static homepage

When I wrote my review of the Genesis Extender plugin I briefly mentioned the “set a customised EZ static homepage” option.
I didn’t go in to much detail because this feature deserves a post of its own.

The EZ static homepage feature allows you to take over the homepage of your Genesis Child theme, override the default layout and gives you complete control over the structure and layout.
It allows you to add a CMS style static homepage that is completely customised and all with just a few mouse clicks.
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Genesis Extender Plugin – for Genesis Child themes

genesis extender plugin for customising genesis child themes

Is it Christmas yet?
It feels like Christmas because I’ve just had a fabulous present from Eric Hamm… the Genesis Extender plugin and I love it.

This is the plugin that all “non coder” Genesis users have been waiting for.
With this plugin you now have a developer right there in your dashboard and you can use it with any Genesis child theme.

Eric has produced three short videos to show you how to get started with the plugin so let’s take a look at the first one:
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