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Divi by Elegant Themes: Divi Sections and how to use the parallax effect like a pro

divi theme by elegant themes Divi Sections and the parallax effect

One of the great things about the new Divi theme by Elegant Themes is not just that it’s an awesome pagebuilder theme, but that it’s backed with tons of documentation, videos and extra free resources to help you get your site up and running… in double quick time.

It looks as though Nick Roach and his team have worked on the development of the Divi theme and the production of the resources in tandem so that they could be released at the same time and it’s worked perfectly.

In this post I’m going to use one of the Divi teaching videos to run through the basics of Divi Sections and then take a look at combining Sections with the parallax effect to create some stunning effects.
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Divi by Elegant Themes: Image templates, device templates and the blurb icon set

divi theme by elegant themes images and blurb icons

One of the disappointing things about installing a new WordPress theme is that when you compare it with the demo site…. the demo always looks so much better. And that’s because the demo site is put together by a graphic designer and it uses fabulous graphics

I can’t turn you into a graphic designer, but if you’re using the Divi theme from Elegant Themes, I can show you where you can get awesome graphics specially designed for Divi.
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Divi by Elegant Themes: Complete with gorgeous premade layouts

divi theme by elegant themes premade layouts

The Divi theme was released on 11th Dec 2013 and it’s created quite a stir in the WordPress community.
What most of us thought would be just another theme, turns out to be a full blown theme builder complete with the elegance and ease of use that only Elegant Themes know how to provide.

WordPress Theme Builder Shootout – When all is said and done, the biggest competition for these products is not each other but a premium theme, especially the new breed of highly flexible themes such as Divi…
Chris Knowles – WPMU DEV

For a general review of Divi check out my previous post Divi by Elegant Themes: the ultimate drag and drop WordPress theme. This post will concentrate on using the premade layouts that come with Divi, and importing additional business and portfolio premade layouts.
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Divi by Elegant Themes: the ultimate drag and drop WordPress theme

divi drag and drop theme by elegant themes

Elegant Themes has a reputation for producing WordPress themes that are modern, elegant and absolutely stunning and, with their latest theme Divi, they’ve taken that a stage further.

Divi is a multipurpose theme with a drag and drop user interface that is as flexible as it is intuitive and allows you build and customise pages… without any coding skills.

To get a feel for the power of Divi take a look at this short video by Nick Roach, the man behind Elegant Themes:
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“Evolution” – the Ultimate Responsive Theme

evolution by elegant themes

evolution theme by elegant themes There was a time when all you had to think about, when deciding on the layout of your website, was the most popular screen resolutions.

But now, you have to consider mobile devices… phones, tablets, netbooks and anything else that lets you browse when you’re on the move.

Fortunately Elegant Themes has brought out Evolution a responsive WordPress theme that adapts to your user’s screen size automatically and instantly.

Now your website will display beautifully on whatever device is being used to browse.

Evolution uses CSS3 media queries to trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes.

This provides a seamless way for the layout to degrade at smaller sizes, as the design can change on the fly without any page loading and without any tricky javascript.

If you want to know what mobile devices are accessing your site, take a peek at your Google Analytics and check out Overview > Mobile > Operating system.

This is a list of mobile devices taken from my Google Analytics for this site…
Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Touch, HTC Desire, HTC Desire Z, Samsung GT-I9000, Galaxy S, Samsung GT-I9100, Galaxy S II, SonyEricsson LT15i, Xperia Arc, Verizon Droid.

Looks as though more and more of us are browsing with our moble devices… and the numbers are about to really take off.
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