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Catalyst theme framework – Custom CSS Builder

catalyst theme custom css builder

CSS is easy – you find the element you want to target, you put in a big curly opening bracket, you add all the styles and you finish with a big curly closing bracket… looks something like this:

#hello {
border-bottom: 3px double #EEE;
border-top: 3px double #EEE;
margin: 0px auto;
padding: 20px 0 25px;
width: 1100px;

Trouble is, you have to define the target element correctly, you have to know what styles are available and you have to put the colon and the semi colon in the right places… get any of the syntax wrong and the CSS police will be paying you a visit.
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Catalyst theme framework – how to reproduce a theme

customise with catalyst theme framework

A couple of weeks ago I published a post about the Catalyst theme framework and with that post I included three videos by the developer Eric Hamm.

The videos gave you an introduction to the Catalyst framework, but they didn’t show you how to use Catalyst in anger, how to produce your own theme.

Enter stage left another of Eric’s fabulous videos in which he shows you how to customise the default Catalyst install to reproduce another theme.
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Catalyst – the ultimate WordPress theme framework

catalyst theme framework for wordpress

I’ve recently got to know Eric Hamm and to be honest; I’m pretty impressed with the guy.

Eric is the developer of a couple of my favourite WordPress plugins and more relevant to this post… he’s the developer of the Catalyst theme framework for WordPress.

The Catalyst theme framework is one of the WordPress frameworks that has stood the test of time.
It has a vibrant and passionate community and it’s supported by an increasing number of Catalyst skins and child themes.

To get a quick feel for Catalyst take a look at this ultra short video… it’s just over a minute long.
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