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Catalyst – the ultimate WordPress theme framework

catalyst theme framework for wordpress

I’ve recently got to know Eric Hamm and to be honest; I’m pretty impressed with the guy.

Eric is the developer of a couple of my favourite WordPress plugins and more relevant to this post… he’s the developer of the Catalyst theme framework for WordPress.

The Catalyst theme framework is one of the WordPress frameworks that has stood the test of time.
It has a vibrant and passionate community and it’s supported by an increasing number of Catalyst skins and child themes.

To get a quick feel for Catalyst take a look at this ultra short video… it’s just over a minute long.


With Catalyst you get much more than a simple WordPress “Skin”. We’re talking a complete Web Design Toolkit, ready for action. From basic blogs to full blown CMS sites, Catalyst provides all you need to take your online venture to the next level!
Eric HammDeveloper of the Catalyst theme framework

Catalyst theme framework – why Catalyst is different

Like I said, Catalyst is one of the theme frameworks which has stood the test of time, but what sets it apart, what makes it stand out from the crowd, what makes it different to the other premier theme frameworks out there?

This is what Eric has to say:



That’s the whistle stop overview of what makes Catalyst different, and just to remind, here are the main points:

Core options

  • Clean efficient code
  • Built-in SEO
  • Lots of options to control the basics

Dynamik options (Dynamik child theme)

  • Acts as design controls for Catalyst
  • 800 options grouped for easy access
  • Covers fonts, backgrounds, borders, padding etc.

Advanced options (control of framework and structure of site)

  • Can create an unlimited number of custom layouts
  • Widget areas and hook boxes
  • No coding required

And you also get access to the best support possible from the Catalyst community and in the support forum!


Get up and running quickly with the fabulous Catalyst 101 training videos

The Catalyst guys have produced a fabulous set of videos to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
The videos are called the Catalyst 101 video series and this is one of them.

This is the third video in the Catalyst 101 series and in it Eric talks about getting started with Catalyst.



Catalyst 101 is the best series of “getting started” videos that I’ve seen on any theme framework and you can take a look at them even before you buy Catalyst.

There are seven videos in the series and if you want to check out the rest just head over to the Catalyst site and put the Catalyst 101 videos through their paces.

Catalyst 101
The Catalyst 101 series of video tutorials is aimed at those just getting started with Catalyst.
Their purpose is to help speed up the process of getting comfortable and confident with the Catalyst Theme.

Get your copy of Catalyst – backed with a 30 day money back guarantee

The great thing about Catalyst is that it’s a framework you can use whatever your level of ability.

From beginner to developer, it’s a framework that you can take in easy stages and it’s a framework that has so many features… you will never outgrow.

If you think that Catalyst is the framework you’d like to use for your next website or it’s a tool you’d like to add to your WordPress development toolbox then head over to the Catalyst website and get started today.

And don’t forget, Catalyst comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

One-Time Purchase – $127.00
Use Catalyst to build UNLIMITED Websites.
Your Instant access marks the starting point for

We’d love to hear from you…

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Catalyst theme framework.

Are you a Catalyst user?
Is your website built using Catalyst?
Do you have any questions that you’d like to ask Eric Hamm?

Let us have your thoughts on anything and everything in the comments below.

catalyst wordpress theme framework


  1. The community for Catalyst are awesome, friendly and responsive. The Dynamik controls make life so much easier – I recommend giving it a try 🙂
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..Blogging and offline market researchMy Profile

  2. I know you’re a big supporter of the Genesis framework so how does it compare? I just started using Dynamik for Genesis and really think they’ve done a great job.
    Ozzy Rodriguez recently posted..Real Estate Web Design, the Demo, Part 1My Profile

    • Hi Ozzy
      If you’ve got Genesis and Dynamik for Genesis you’ve got everything you need.

      Catalyst comes with Dynamik for Catalyst built-in so in effect it uses the Catalyst base theme and you use the Genesis base theme that’s the basic difference.

      Presumably for each site you produce you customise the genesis base theme to produce the layout and look that you or your clients want.
      My workflow is different; I use Genesis and Genesis child themes with little or no customisation.
      Doing it that way reduces the time I spend producing a site and keeps the cost to clients to a minimum.
      The child themes are free to me because I bought the Genesis Pro Plus package ages ago as an investment for the company.

      Dynamik for Genesis only works with the Genesis base theme (not the child themes), but Eric Hamm has produced a plugin called Genesis Extender (soon to be available), which will allow customisation of child themes.
      Because that will fit in with the way I work I shall be using that plugin.
      Hope that sort of answers your question.

      Keith Davis recently posted..Catalyst theme framework – how to reproduce a themeMy Profile