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Portfolio Post

Business websites have to work really really hard.
They have to be all things to all men.

Business websites have to be….

  1. Good looking – got to make that great first impression.
  2. Easy to navigate – your site has to be easy to navigate so that people can easilly find what they’re looking for.
  3. Well optimised – if those Search Engines can’t find you, what chance have potential clients?
  4. A great advert – your site is after all a 24 / 7 advert for your goods and services.

At WM Web Design we take all those elements and blend them into one great looking and highly optimised Business Website.

The Strength of Online Marketing
“The financial crisis will affect many businesses in the coming months.
Many who weather the economic storm will be those who market themselves effectively online.”
Sitepoint tribune

Business websites should be adaptable and flexible

Businesses are never static, they change constantly and we all know how quickly the internet changes.
Your website has to be able to reflect those changes.

Adaptable to business changes – because your site is powered by WordPress pages can be added along with additional menu items and drop-down menu items.
Your website can change as quickly as your business does.

Flexible for internet changes – Studiopress the developers of Genesis themes call this “Responsive Design” which means that your website can be viewed from any and all platforms, mobile devices, iPads, phones and the platforms of the future.

When you choose a Business Website by WM Web Design you choose a website that looks good now and will look good in the future.

Your site is about your content. With mobile devices, iPads, phones, gaming consoles, etc: people can access your content many different ways and formats. How can we maintain some control over the display of our content and keep our brand consistent? How can we try to provide the best user experience on any platform?
Studiopress developers of Genesis Child Themes

Your website is your shop window to the world

The second a potential client or customer arrives at your site, they make assumptions about you and your business.
Your website has to reflect your values, attitude to business and professionalism.

Let WM Web Design provide you with a shop window that is attractive, affective and that you can be truly proud of.