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Accelerate your Search Engine Optimisation: Harness the power of the flywheel effect

Search Engine Optimisation - the flywheel effect

Have you ever seen the bit in the world’s strongest man contest, where the guys have to pull a truck? They get down low, take up the slack on the rope, lean forward and start to pull.
Nothing happens at first and then slowly, slowly the truck starts to move and build up speed as they overcome the inertia and gain momentum.

SEO is like that: Your early efforts are incredibly difficult.
Earning those first few links, getting those first few rankings, getting your first email subscribers, getting your first followers on twitter and facebook – is hard, hard, hard!
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Genesis 2.0 – one click activation of HTML5 markup with Dynamik and Genesis Extender

Genesis 2.0 - one click activation of HTML5 markup with Dynamik theme and Genesis Extender plugin

No more sitting on the fence, no more messing about, no more shilly-shallying because in the next week or so WordPress version 3.6 will be released closely followed by Genesis version 2.0 – and you have a decision to make.

Security dictates that you upgrade to WordPress 3.6 and since all the existing Studiopress child themes are compatible with Genesis 2.0 (without HTML5 activation) you can safely upgrade to the latest version of Genesis, but the decision you have to make is… should you activate HTML5?
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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO meets Blogging and Social Media and…

search engine optimisation (SEO) meets blogging and social media

We start talking Search Engine Optimisation with our clients at our first face to face meeting. It starts with that all important choice of domain name – get that wrong and your SEO efforts will always be on the back foot!

We advise if your clients are in the UK and .com if they are international.
We try for short, catchy and memorable and also try and include one or two keywords and if you can include a geographic locator, that’s just about perfect.
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Genesis resources: Sprites, HTML5 and the Genesis grid loop

Genesis resources - sprites, HTML5 and the Genesis grid loop

One of the reasons we use the Genesis theme framework at WM Web Design is because Genesis has a large and sharing community.

That means that whatever problem you’re having you’ll be able to find a post, an article, a forum or even a real live person who will provide you with a solution or at least point you in the right direction.
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Runway – Genesis child theme for WordPress by Heather Jones of Viva la Violette

Runway Genesis child theme for WordPress by Heather Jones of Viva la Violette

It’s easy to take a WordPress theme and strip it down to its bare essentials… but it’s not easy to make it look good.
In fact the more you strip a theme down the more the remaining elements have to work together perfectly.

A great example of how it should be done is Runway the latest Genesis child theme by Heather Jones of Viva la Violette. [Read more…]