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Genesis people – Bob Dunn – bringing the power of Video to Genesis

Genesis theme framework people - Bob Dunn Genesis Videos

I first came across Bob Dunn and his wife Judy over on Danny Brown’s blog “For Bloggers by Bloggers”.
I learnt most of what I know about blogging from that site via great posts from Bob and Judy, Danny Brown himself and other A list bloggers such as Sarah Arrow, Brankica Underwood and Joey Strawn.

But Bob didn’t make it onto my Genesis people list because of his blogging skills, he made it because he’s produced some of the best Genesis related videos that you’ll find on the net today and… they’re absolutely free.
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Genesis people – WordPress Web Designers Deep in the Heart of Texas

Genesis theme framework people - Texas WordPress web designers

I don’t know how good your geography is, but you may have heard of a little state in the good old US of A called Texas.

It’s famous for oil, the TV series Dallas (didn’t you just love JR), the battle of the Alamo and… Genesis WordPress theme designers.
Genesis WordPress theme designers?
Yes… and if you don’t believe me head over to twitter and take a look under the Genesis hashtag #genesiswp.
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Genesis people – Ted Vieira – Musician, Photographer and Web Designer

Genesis theme framework people - Ted Vieira

This is my first post in a series about Genesis people.
Who are Genesis people?
They’re the people who work with the Genesis theme framework, the people who develop Genesis, the people who teach Genesis, the people who give their time and are involved in the Genesis community in short… the people who help and inspire the rest of us.

So the big question is… who gets to start the series?
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Modern Portfolio – responsive Genesis child theme for WordPress

modern portfolio mobile responsive genesis child theme for wordpress

Some themes look good, some themes are functional and some themes are clever… the Modern Portfolio theme is all three.

The homepage has a single top menu, which includes: About, Portfolio, Services, Blog and Contact and each menu item is a “scrollable link”, which scrolls you slowly down the page to the appropriate section.

Modern Portfolio is a specialist theme, it’s been designed for anyone who wants to provide a graphical display of their work and needs that display to be totally mobile responsive.

As Studiopress put it:
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WordPress security – Sucuri Malware Monitoring Alerting and Cleanup

sucuri for a complete wordpress security service

If you take a look at the bottom right of my footer you’ll see a small blue badge with white writing, which says “Monitored by Sucuri” – it may be small but boy is it important.

It tells you that this site is monitored by the best website security people in the business… Sucuri.
You’ll find that badge on all our sites and all our client sites because when it comes to security, we don’t take chances.
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Backup and restore using BackWPup plugin

backup and restore your wordpress site with the backwpup plugin

The job I hate most of all is adding all the SEO tags to a post or page after it’s published.

The job I hate second most of all is… backing up.
Backing up the database and backing up site files.

I know it’s got to be done, you know it’s got to be done, WordPress warn you it’s got to be done, but it’s still a chore.

Fortunately I’ve just found the perfect solution…
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Metro magazine theme – responsive Genesis child theme for WordPress

metro news theme - a responsive genesis child theme for wordpress

The Genesis Metro magazine theme has just been released.
Is it any good?
Let’s put it this way… it’s the sort of theme that you look at and think… I have to find a site where I can use this theme, I have to.

I like the way the background image fades in slowly, I like the colours and the fonts, I like the proportions of the layout and the use of whitespace and I love the cheeky little gap between the content and the footer.
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Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis or…. the Genesis Extender plugin?

dynamik website builder or genesis extender plugin

If you’ve read my posts on the Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis and the Genesis Extender plugin, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of both products and pretty impressed by their developer Eric Hamm.

The only problem is… deciding which one is right for you.

Fortunately Eric has produced a video explaining what each one is, what they do and how they are best used.
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Genesis WordPress theme framework version 1.9 – a box of delights

genesis wordpress theme framework version 1.9

Death and taxes are the two certainties in life and to those I’d like to add a third… changes on the internet.

Code changes, browser changes, WordPress changes and constant tweaks from Google.

If you’re a website owner or a blogger, trying to keep up with the changes can be a nightmare, unless…. you’re using the Genesis theme framework.
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WordPress and the Genesis theme framework – a marriage made in heaven

wordpress and genesis theme framework

At WM Web Design we produce all our client sites using WordPress plus the Studiopress Genesis theme framework.
It’s a combination that allows us to build gorgeous looking websites quickly, easily and at affordable prices.

But now and again we ask ourselves… “are we using the right combination, the best combination?”
Is WordPress the best CMS platform and is Genesis the best theme framework?
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