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Apparition 1.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

apparition 1.0 genesis child theme for wordpress

Shock horror… a theme without sidebars!
That’s right Apparition 1.0, the latest Genesis child theme from Studiopress, comes without sidebars.
Take a look at the top image – header, content and a fabulous footer… but not a sidebar in sight.

But just a minute… the post you’re reading now doesn’t have a sidebar.
I made it wide and without a sidebar in order to display that glorious top image and to keep your attention on the text.

If seeing a theme without sidebars has made you look at your website differently and opened up a new world of possibilities then head over to the Studiopress website and check out Apparition 1.0 in all its sidebarless glory.

Stretch out with a refreshing design that focuses attention on your most memorable content.
The striking and spacious look of the Apparition theme will grab your audience, and its responsive features will effortlessly exhibit all of your work across all devices.

Apparition 1.0 gives you space and helps you focus on your content

In the days of static websites, constructed using html and styled with CSS, you started the design process with a sketch of the proposed site and that sketch always included header, content, sidebar and footer.
The only decisions you had to make were: should the sidebar be on the left or right and shall we use a horizontal or vertical menu?

When we moved over to dynamic websites like WordPress… we took that formula with us.

The guys over at Studiopress have taken a step back, had a close look at the sidebar and decided that in some cases… you don’t need one.

This is how the developer of this theme, Brian Gardner, puts it…

I purposely removed all sidebars on this theme so that there would be intentional focus on the image(s) and content.
As we (Studiopress) move forward, we’ll be doing more of this type of thing.
While Genesis is awesome in that by default it offers 6 layout settings, not all designs (in my opinion) should include them.
Brian GardnerStudiopress blog

Makes sense to me and like I said, the post you are reading at the moment doesn’t have any sidebars.
The saying must be right… great minds do think alike.


Use the Genesis Extender plugin to fully customise your homepage

Like most Genesis child themes, Apparition 1.0 looks fabulous straight out of the box, but if you want a completely customised homepage, we recommend the Genesis Extender plugin by Eric Hamm.

You get the Genesis Extender plugin for a one-off payment, you can use it on as many sites as you like, you get full support and it comes with a rock solid 30 day money-back guarantee.

We recommend the Extender plugin, because it’s the one we use here on WM Web Design and it gives us great results.


Some of the great features you get with the Apparition 1.0 theme

No matter how good a theme looks, we still need those handy time-saving features that we’ve come to expect from Genesis themes and Apparition 1.0 doesn’t disappoint.

Apparition includes the following features:

  1. Mobile responsive – adapts to your visitors screen size and gives them the optimum viewing experience. A must-have feature to future-proof your website.
  2. Five colour options – blue, green, orange, pink and red – something for everyone.
  3. Four page templates – archive, blog, column and landing page templates.
  4. Custom background and custom header – easily use your own custom header and custom background.
  5. Featured images – supports WordPress featured images.
  6. Fixed width – gives you precise control over the exact look of your site.
  7. Theme options – allows you to control many of your theme options from within the WordPress admin area.

Tip – All of the Genesis child themes are pretty easy to configure but before you start setting-up your theme visit the Studiopress forum for the Apparition 1.0 theme and check out the tutorials.


Head over to Studiopress and pick up your copy of the Apparition 1.0 child theme

One of the things we love about Studiopress is that they constantly move their Genesis themes forward.
Recently they’ve moved over to responsive design, introduced some great font combinations, added acres of whitespace and now they are showing us how to highlight content by removing sidebars.

If you like the look of the Apparition 1.0 theme and you’d like to find out details of pricing etc. head over to Studiopress and put the Apparition theme through its paces and see its features in action.

Oh my…this theme makes me want to run over there & high-five the person responsible (is it you Brian?!) I can’t wait for the right project to land on this one…
Kristel HayesStudiopress blog

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the review.
We’d love to hear from you so if you have any thoughts on anything and everything please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. It makes an excellent looking site 🙂 I got hacked last week (rogue plugin) and I had to put something on my Sarah Arrow site for the people that search for me by name, took about 30 minutes to add three posts and the menu, and it looks fab. Highly recommend it 🙂
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..Is it time to sell your blogMy Profile