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News 2.1 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

news 2.1 genesis child theme for wordpress

If there was a prize for the WordPress theme, which has the most content on its home page, the News theme might not be the winner… but it would be in the final.

And yet, because all that content is floating on a well organised sea of white space, the theme never appears cramped or cluttered.

If you want to see content management at its best then head over to Studiopress and see the News theme in action.

When you have readers and customers who are always hungry for more, deliver it in style with the publishing powerhouse News theme.

A feature packed widget rich home page populated with Genesis plugins

Having seen all that content, I know what you’re thinking…
“the home page must take real coding skills to set-up!”
Am I right?

Well you can stop thinking coding skills and start thinking WordPress plugins and widgets.
Let’s run through the home page, section by section.

  1. Primary and Secondary horizontal menus – both menus are defined and set up in the WordPress custom menu area.
  2. Tabbed top section – this is set up using the Genesis tabs plugin, and placing a Genesis tabs widget in the Home Top widget area.
  3. Middle left featured post – a featured post widget (showing one post) in the Home Middle Left widget area.
  4. Middle right featured posts – a featured post widget (showing four posts) in the Home Middle Right widget area.
  5. Bottom featured posts – a featured post widget (showing three posts) in the Home Bottom widget area.
  6. Sidebar – you can use whatever widgets you like in the Sidebar widget area.
    The adverts in the sidebar of the demo site are created using a text widget with image html.
  7. Footer – News has the Genesis skinny footer already hard coded in. Nothing for you to do.

Like I said, not an ounce of coding skills in there, all done with easy peasy WordPress plugins and widgets.

As the Genesis developers say…
“We struggle with difficult code… so that you don’t have to.”


What other features do you get with the News theme?

If you’ve had time to absorb all those fabulous features on the home page, let’s see what else this theme has up its sleeve.

  1. Mobile responsive – gives your visitors a great viewing experience, whatever device they’re browsing on.
  2. Seven colour styles – seven colour styles (blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and teal) mean that you can always find the one that’s just right for you.
  3. Six layout options – various combinations of content and sidebars that allow you to style your content on a page by page / post by post basis.
  4. Featured images – supports WordPress featured images.
  5. Custom menus – supports WordPress custom menus.

7 colour styles, 6 layout options, fixed width, theme options, featured images, mobile responsive, threaded comments

Head over to StudioPress and pick up your copy of the News theme

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that can display lots of content on its home page and still look spacious and uncluttered, then the News theme is for you.

To find out details of pricing etc. head over to Studiopress and put the News theme through its paces and see its features in action.

News theme supports all of the great articles, audio and video of your content-heavy site, with eye-popping design and simple navigation. News theme keeps you on the front lines.

That’s about it folks so if you want to ask any questions or get involved with the discussion, please leave a comment or tweet me via the tweet link below – enjoy.

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