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Dynamik Website Builder for the Genesis Framework

dynamik website builder for genesis

I nearly called this post “Catalyst meets Genesis” because that’s what it’s all about.
Let me explain.

Some time ago I looked at a WordPress theme framework called Catalyst and I was pretty impressed.
The great thing about Catalyst is that it was built for non-coders.
It allows you to produce the website you want… without spending the rest of your life learning oodles of code.
In short Catalyst is a “Web Design Toolkit” for the non-coder.

But we only have eyes for Genesis here at WM Web Design, so I waved a sad farewell to Catalyst and that was the end of that.

And then recently I came across a website building tool for the Genesis framework called Dynamik, and who was it produced by?
You’ve got it in one… the same guys who produce Catalyst.

Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis looks like a great resource, but before I point out a few of its features, take a look at the introductory video, which covers the design options page – the quality of the video speaks volumes for the quality of the product.

Wow… over 800 non-coding options covering fonts, colours, margins, padding, widths and a whole lot more, all laid out in a logical and easy to follow order.

And that floating “Save Changes” button and updating without reloading the page are a couple of great time saving touches.

Whether you’re a total beginner who wants to be able to customize their site design without coding knowledge or a Developer looking for an efficient design solution for their growing web development business, the Dynamik Website Builder delivers.
Eric Hamm – Dynamik developer

Dynamik website builder for complete home page control

Time to move on to the layout of your home page.
Your home page is your most important page, because by definition, it’s the page people see first.

Getting the layout of your home page just right can be just about impossible, unless you have coding skills.

This second video shows you how easy it is to get the layout you want with just a few clicks of the mouse using Dynamik.

49 layout options plus the addition of the Home page Slider, Feature Top and Fat Footer give you enough choices to produce your perfect home page.

Love the way the layout options are numbered for easy reference and the Examples Tool Tips is a great way to display the various page layouts.

49 layouts plus the Feature Top AND Fat Footer Widget Areas, each of which offer up to 4 widget areas side by side and allow for 1-click placement on your home page, your website Posts, your website Pages, and your Blog Template.

Dynamik website builder gives you the power of responsive design

With more and more people browsing using mobile devices, it’s important that your website is fully mobile responsive.

This third video shows you how to make your Genesis website mobile responsive using Dynamik.

Great explanation and demonstration of responsive design and so easy to implement.

A simple one click solution, which would apply in most cases, plus the ability to fine tune different parts of your website if you need it.

Our online content is no longer tied to our desktop computer. From Tablets to Mobile Phones we’re quickly consuming our favourite websites on-the-go. So having your website look great on ALL devices is becoming a necessity for many.

Pick up your copy of the Genesis theme framework and Dynamik website builder

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to customise your site design without coding knowledge or a developer looking for an efficient design solution for your web design business, WM Web Design think that Dynamik may be just the tool you need.

The Genesis Framework + The Dynamik Website Builder = One Seriously Powerful WordPress Web Design Tool!

Dynamik works in conjunction with the Genesis theme framework, so you need both to set-up your WordPress website.

For Genesis head over to the Studiopress website and pick up a copy of the Genesis theme framework.

For Dynamik head over to the Dynamic website and download a copy of the Dynamik Website Builder.

And don’t forget folks, both products come with a 30 day money back guarantee – enjoy.


Come on over – we’d love to hear from you

So what do you think peeps?

Are you a non-coder struggling with CSS and Genesis layouts and thinking that Dynamik is the answer to your prayers?

Are you a Genesis developer who can code faster than you can click and can’t see the point?

Are you already using Dynamik?

We’d love to have your thoughts on anything and everything in the comments below.

Dynamik Website Builder


  1. Hey Keith, great overview here. I know we were talking about this and I had the chance to get a peek at it. From first glance, I think this could possibly be a great option for the Genesis user. Especially for those who want to really get in there and customize sites without having to know tons of CSS or PHP.

    I’ve yet to dive into it headfirst, but the temptation lurks…

    • Hi Bob
      Great to see you over here at WM.

      I’m with you on this one – looks like a great resource and combined with the Genesis framework they will make a fabulous design combination.
      I was also impressed with Eric Hamm the developer.

      I may start using it for clients who want a fully customised website.

      Hope you’ll stop by again Bob.
      Keith Davis recently posted..Video for the Genesis theme framework for WordPressMy Profile

  2. I am still playing with it, but what I’ve seen so far, I love :)

    The responsive settings are just awesome, simply awesome. And the little touches like the floating button are just… awesome. Ok, I cried with joy when I saw the floating button.

    I’m overwhelmed with the ease of use and the ability to create something fabulous (was nearly going to say awesome ;)) very quickly. If it carries on being this good to use, it’s going to become my default theme choice for clients.

    • Hi Sarah
      I should really thank you for giving me the heads up on Dynamik.
      Where did you hear about it?

      Yes the developers appear to have considered both functionality and ease of use – can’t see how it could be improved.

      “If it carries on being this good to use, it’s going to become my default theme choice for clients.”
      With you all the way on that one Sarah.

      Let me know when your post is live and we can exchange links.
      Keith Davis recently posted..WordPress Genesis child themes by Rafal TomalMy Profile

      • You’re welcome for the heads up. I also looked at Catalyst a few years back and I subscribed to their newsletter, and late Thursday evening (our time, early Thursday Bob’s time) the email came through. I looked and thought, hmm, I’ll revisit that in the morning…

        I’m really impressed with everything so far – the responsive aspects are amazing. I have just woken up my graphics guy to get a new header for Arrow and Sark, and I’ve told him I want them yesterday… this theme is already making me unpopular :)
        Sarah Arrow recently posted..Why your business should love email marketingMy Profile

        • Hi Sarah
          “I have just woken up my graphics guy to get a new header for Arrow and Sark, and I’ve told him I want them yesterday…”
          So glad I’m not working for you Sarah… working for two women already is bad enough. LOL

          The beauty of Dynamik for me is that it combines with the love of my life.. Genesis.
          Plus, Eric is pretty impressive with his products and his interaction with potential clients.
          I like people who interact.

          You know what, I’m pretty excited about this product.

          Enjoy the rest of your weekend Sarah… even if your graphic designer can’t. LOL
          Keith Davis recently posted..Video for the Genesis theme framework for WordPressMy Profile

  3. Hey Keith,

    This is a great write up! Honest, to the point and clearly showing that you took the time to put Dynamik through its paces.

    And I’m loving the comments as they really give your visitors different perspectives to ponder. Hopefully this will be a great resource for those considering the Dynamik Website Builder for their next Genesis powered WP project. :)

    Eric Hamm recently posted..How To Add Google Analytics To Your SiteMy Profile

    • Hey you came over Eric
      I had to limit myself to just a few points for each video, but each time I watched one of them, I spotted a few more features – staggering what you’ve packed in to Dynamik and so well organised.

      I’m always honest in my reviews, no point in a review otberwise.

      Appreciate your kind words Eric and look forward to a long relationship with you guys over at Catalyst.
      Keith Davis recently posted..Video for the Genesis theme framework for WordPressMy Profile

  4. Hey Keith… This is a great review – you’ve really taken some time here, and I’m sure people looking for REAL information when making their choice will really appreciate it.

    I’m a well seasoned Catalyst website developer, and have been playing with Dyanmik for Genesis properly for a few weeks now.

    One of the things that makes it so impressive right from the word go, and so much more than you’re average launch product, is that most of the functionality in Dynamik for Genesis V1 has been part of Catalyst for well over 12 months. Eric has made many updates, additions and refinements in this time, and users both pro and beginner have banged on it and built hundreds of sites with it. Hence, as a launch product, it’s just so polished.

    Playing with Dynamik gives you a bit of a glimpse of what makes the Catalyst fans so proud, loud and loyal!

    Really looking forward to seeing how the wider Genesis community take to it, and the sort of work people put out with it over the first few months. Myself and some of the other regular Catalyst Devs will be pushing through some client sites very soon in D4Gen. My first should be up in about 24 hours…



    • Hi Ben
      Thanks for coming over and your kind words are much appreciated.

      Good to know about the history of Dynamik and it explains why the product is so good straight out of the box… looks as though you Catalyst dev guys have made life easy for the rest of us.

      “Really looking forward to seeing how the wider Genesis community take to it…”
      My guess would be like a duck to water.
      We all know a quality product when we see it and for the outlay of Dynamik plus Genesis you have the guts of a web design business with no limitations on number of sites.

      Appreciate you coming over and when your first D4Gen site is up… please come back over and share the link.

      Keith Davis recently posted..WordPress Genesis child themes by Rafal TomalMy Profile

  5. Hey there mate,

    Looks like I’ll have to jump in and have another look at what Eric’s been up to. As I mentioned on Facebook, I tried Catalyst back in the day but found it like Thesis – solid framework but frustrating, probably due to the multitude of options available (I know, that sounds dumb, right?).

    I think the average blogger just wants to get up-and-running quickly and effortlessly, which is why I liked the Quick Start Wizard on Headway 2.0. Then they removed that from 3.0, hence my major switching off platforms over to Genesis.

    Look forward to checking Dynamik out – do you know if it’s any different from the Dynamik child theme that was available for Catalyst itself?


    • Hi Danny
      I know what you mean about lots of multiple options… can take you an hour just to get the colour of the title just right.

      Good thing about Dynamik for Genesis is that Eric has set things out in a well organised way – you don’t feel swamped by choices.

      I’m with you on Headway 3 – I loved the old “get up and away” wizard.
      I bought Headway 3, but have never used it in anger.
      Headway do produce great little videos though.

      “do you know if it’s any different from the Dynamik child theme that was available for Catalyst itself?”
      Yes they are different Danny.
      Not by a lot, but they are different.
      I’m sure that Eric can expand on that.

      I like Dynamik because it will allow me to stay with Genesis and actually change layouts for home pages.

      If you are listening Eric.. a version of Dynamik that would allow you to change the layout of other Genesis themes, not just the core Genesis, would be fantastic!

      Cheers Danny and thanks for stopping by.
      Keith Davis recently posted..Genesis WordPress theme selector toolMy Profile

    • Hi Danny.

      One key difference between Dynamik for Catalyst and Dynamik for Genesis is in Advanced options…
      [Nerd glasses on...]

      In Catalyst, the user can create ‘custom layouts’ these can have various custom widget areas applied to them, and then in turn, these layouts can be assigned to various posts and pages.

      So you might make a layout called ‘Tools layout’, build in some custom widget areas and populate them with various widgets, affil inks, ad widgets etc all in and around the content on your ‘Tools’ page. This Layout could also be assigned to other posts or pages where you wanted to have the same custom content present.

      With Genesis though, due to the structure of the framework, this approach was not possible. Instead, Eric has created a ‘Custom Conditional’ option. Here instead, we build our custom widgets and then assign a set of conditionals to control which pages and posts they appear on.

      So you might make a custom widget area called ‘affil_ads’ and then drop in a bunch of ads and affil link widgets. Then, to the ‘affil_ads’ widget area you’d apply a conditional that might say ‘appear on all pages except the front (home) page’, or ‘appear only on the tools page and the 3 tools posts’.

      The effect and flexibility end up roughly the same, just the approach is different.

      I’m perfectly confortable with either approach, though the way it works in Genesis is probably easier for less experienced site builders to grasp and apply.

      There are some other neat little features and nice refinements in the Genesis version which Eric has mentioned will be appearing in the Catalyst version soon.


  6. Hey Keith,
    This one had slipped by me – what a great tool! Thanks for the great write-up and bringing it to my attention.

    Carrie Dils recently posted..Unwrapping Genesis: How to Move the Header & FooterMy Profile

    • Hi Carrie
      Yes, it goes much further than say the Genesis Prose theme and allows you to change the home page layout and the responsive settings.

      Glad you found it useful and many thanks for coming over.
      Keith Davis recently posted..WordPress hosting and support by 5quidhostMy Profile

      • Hi. I’m an web designer building sites mostly with Genesis. Came across Dynamik Website Builder today and will buy DWB for Genesis.

        I agree with you that DWB for Genesis looks to be what I had hoped the Prose Genesis child theme would be, but ended up being very disappointed.

        Tried WooTheme’s Canvas this week, but it fell short in the hooks area (no PHP, no conditionals, not enough hooks).

        I think there’s a real possibility of using DWB for Genesis as my lead theme/framework going forward.


        • Hi Jeff
          Agree with you totally.
          Prose just doesn’t go far enough, but Dynamik goes all the way.

          I was impressed with the product but I was also impressed with the videos… Genesis struggle a bit with videos… and I was impressed with the developer Eric Hamm.

          I contacted Eric before I wrote the post and he was prompt, polite and very helpful

          Have fun with Dynamik and don’t forget to post a few links to your Dynamik Genesis sites.

          Thanks for coming over and leaving a great comment.
          Keith Davis recently posted..Top ten Genesis Child Themes – la creme de la cremeMy Profile

  7. Nicholle Olores says:

    Hello Keith. This is new to me and I am glad that I knew it right from your blog. This is really a great tool for everyone especially to those website builder.
    Thanks much for the information!
    Nicholle Olores recently posted..more readingMy Profile

  8. Hi Keith,

    I’ve been searching like crazy for responsive genesis themes, but now I can create them for myself and customize them however I want with this tool :) Every client is different and offering a custom built design that is responsive will be a big plus for me. The videos and walk-through were very helpful, thanks!

    • Hi Aida
      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

      I’ve been impressed with everything about Dynamik.
      It’s a great product, the “show me how” videos are very well produced, and the developer Eric Hamm is very very helpful.

      Great news that you are finding it useful for customising your clients Genesis sites.

      Keith Davis recently posted..Quattro 1.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPressMy Profile

  9. Ozzy Rodriguez says:

    After reading this article and doing some research, I’m definitely thinking of picking up a copy of this. After a few months, what do you think of it now?

  10. Hey Keith, thanks so much for putting me onto the Genesis extended plugin – I’ve been SO hanging out for something like this – grabbing the Dynamik website builder now too!


    Dallas McMillan recently posted..Why your social media ROI sucks (but you should keep doing it anyway)My Profile

  11. Hi and thanks for the post.

    Just got myself a copy of it and I was pretty impressed. Coming from Thesis 2.0 it was pretty similiar just that you just need to adjust instead of typing compared to Thesis.

    Good and very customizable. Just need to get used to it before able to fully use it I guess.

    Thanks foe the write up and kudos on that!

    Reginald recently posted..6 Important Blogging Tips To Become A Successful BloggerMy Profile


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