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Pretty Pictures – Genesis child theme for WordPress

Pretty Pictures 1.0 genesis child theme for wordpress

Oh dear, I’m in love again.
As soon as I saw the Pretty Pictures theme I fell madly and deeply in love with it.

The wide open layout, gorgeous colour combinations and inspired choice of fonts have conspired against me and stolen my heart.

If you’d like to see why I’m so infatuated then head over to the Studiopress website and gaze upon the beauty of the Pretty Pictures theme.
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Christmas stocking fillers for Genesis theme users

genesis themes christmas presents

It’s that time of year again and pretty soon someone will be tapping you on the shoulder and saying… “OK so what do you want for Christmas?”

Fortunately if you’re a Genesis user, or thinking of becoming a Genesis user, you don’t have to settle for socks, hankies or underpants, there are lots of goodies out there that you can fill your stocking with.
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Stretch 1.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

stretch 1 genesis child theme for wordpress

The Stretch 1.0 theme is the “little black dress” of WordPress themes.
It may not have been designed by Coco Chanel, but it’s simple, sophisticated and absolutely stunning!

Simple - because all the frippery has been stripped away, no sidebar and no fat footer just content, content, content.
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Apparition 1.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

apparition 1.0 genesis child theme for wordpress

Shock horror… a theme without sidebars!
That’s right Apparition 1.0, the latest Genesis child theme from Studiopress, comes without sidebars.
Take a look at the top image – header, content and a fabulous footer… but not a sidebar in sight.
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Executive 2.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

executive 2 genesis child theme for wordpress

Clean, bright and oh so easy on the eye, that’s my first impression of the Executive 2.0 Genesis child theme from Studiopress.

It’s the sort of theme that lifts your spirits just looking at it.
In fact it’s so inviting, I’ve given it a full page spread… no sidebars to spoil your enjoyment.
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Genesis Extender plugin – Create an EZ Static Homepage

genesis extender plugin ez static homepage

When I wrote my review of the Genesis Extender plugin I briefly mentioned the “set a customised EZ static homepage” option.
I didn’t go in to much detail because this feature deserves a post of its own.

The EZ static homepage feature allows you to take over the homepage of your Genesis Child theme, override the default layout and gives you complete control over the structure and layout.
It allows you to add a CMS style static homepage that is completely customised and all with just a few mouse clicks.
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Genesis Extender Plugin – for Genesis Child themes

genesis extender plugin for customising genesis child themes

Is it Christmas yet?
It feels like Christmas because I’ve just had a fabulous present from Eric Hamm… the Genesis Extender plugin and I love it.

This is the plugin that all “non coder” Genesis users have been waiting for.
With this plugin you now have a developer right there in your dashboard and you can use it with any Genesis child theme.

Eric has produced three short videos to show you how to get started with the plugin so let’s take a look at the first one:
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Catalyst theme framework – Custom CSS Builder

catalyst theme custom css builder

CSS is easy – you find the element you want to target, you put in a big curly opening bracket, you add all the styles and you finish with a big curly closing bracket… looks something like this:

#hello {
border-bottom: 3px double #EEE;
border-top: 3px double #EEE;
margin: 0px auto;
padding: 20px 0 25px;
width: 1100px;

Trouble is, you have to define the target element correctly, you have to know what styles are available and you have to put the colon and the semi colon in the right places… get any of the syntax wrong and the CSS police will be paying you a visit.
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Catalyst theme framework – how to reproduce a theme

customise with catalyst theme framework

A couple of weeks ago I published a post about the Catalyst theme framework and with that post I included three videos by the developer Eric Hamm.

The videos gave you an introduction to the Catalyst framework, but they didn’t show you how to use Catalyst in anger, how to produce your own theme.

Enter stage left another of Eric’s fabulous videos in which he shows you how to customise the default Catalyst install to reproduce another theme.
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Genesis theme framework – onwards and upwards

genesis theme framework for wordpress

There’s a lot of talk over on twitter about the direction that StudioPress are taking the Genesis theme framework, and I for one… am getting excited.

Just in case you don’t tweet or you just missed it all, here is my whistle stop round-up of the latest gossip and since it’s on twitter… I thought I’d add a few embedded tweets.

The tweets and the links in the tweets are clickable just like real tweets so please click away to your heart’s content – enjoy.
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