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WordPress hosting and support by 5quidhost

5quid wordpress website hosting

I love my web host… I think they’re fabulous.
I host WM Web Design and all WM’s client sites with 5quidhost.

Why am I waxing lyrical?
Because 5quidhost are everything that a good web host should be.

They respond quickly to support questions, they’re helpful, they’re technically superb and they are very very competitive in fact… they even have a free web hosting plan!

5quidhost is without a doubt the most reliable hosting business we have dealt with. One Sunday evening I committed a “stupid user error”, irreversibly deleting every single site we were hosting… it only took one email to get a complete restoration of our sites from the 5quidhost backup.
No hassles, no worries. I thoroughly recommend 5quidhost and intend to be a client of theirs for a very long time.
Paul Green – Growth UK

Enough generalities and opinions, let’s take a look at 5quid’s hosting in a little more detail.
Let’s look at a few specifics.
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