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Quattro 1.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

quattro 1.0 genesis child theme for wordpress

Imagine that you’re creating a WordPress theme for bloggers who want a well crafted and attractive theme that allows their content to stand out and be the focus of attention… what would that theme look like?

Fortunately you don’t have to imagine too hard because Studiopress have just released Quattro, a theme that does exactly that.

Quattro 1.0 is the 14th mobile responsive Genesis theme and it provides a clean, spacious and gloriously textured canvas for you to showcase your content.

If you want to check if this is the right backdrop for your content, head over to Studiopress and see Quattro in action.
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News 2.1 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

news 2.1 genesis child theme for wordpress

If there was a prize for the WordPress theme, which has the most content on its home page, the News theme might not be the winner… but it would be in the final.

And yet, because all that content is floating on a well organised sea of white space, the theme never appears cramped or cluttered.

If you want to see content management at its best then head over to Studiopress and see the News theme in action.
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Magazine 2.1 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

magazine 2.1 genesis child theme for wordpress

If ever a WordPress theme was well named, it’s Magazine because just like your favourite magazine… it’s stylish, glossy and oh so easy on the eye.

Magazine is the 12th Genesis child theme to be brought up to date and made mobile responsive and like any good magazine with its Sunday supplement, this theme has acres of real estate to accommodate all your content.

If you want to see Magazine in action head over to Studiopress and take the Magazine theme for a spin.
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Education 2.0 – Genesis child theme for WordPress

education 2.0 genesis child theme for wordpress

If you’re part of a great institution, school, university, college or even a business and you want to shout it to the world, then Education 2.0 is the theme for you.

Education 2.0 is the eleventh Genesis theme to be mobile responsive and it carries all the suave sophistication that hint of the input from one of the most creative WordPress theme designers in the business, Rafal Tomal.

Clean lines, cool fonts and those dashes of detail that help make a theme special.

If you want to see this theme in all its glory then head over to the Studiopress website and take Education for a spin.
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WordPress hosting and support by 5quidhost

5quid wordpress website hosting

I love my web host… I think they’re fabulous.
I host WM Web Design and all WM’s client sites with 5quidhost.

Why am I waxing lyrical?
Because 5quidhost are everything that a good web host should be.

They respond quickly to support questions, they’re helpful, they’re technically superb and they are very very competitive in fact… they even have a free web hosting plan!

5quidhost is without a doubt the most reliable hosting business we have dealt with. One Sunday evening I committed a “stupid user error”, irreversibly deleting every single site we were hosting… it only took one email to get a complete restoration of our sites from the 5quidhost backup.
No hassles, no worries. I thoroughly recommend 5quidhost and intend to be a client of theirs for a very long time.
Paul Green – Growth UK

Enough generalities and opinions, let’s take a look at 5quid’s hosting in a little more detail.
Let’s look at a few specifics.
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