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Dynamik Website Builder for the Genesis Framework

dynamik website builder for genesis

I nearly called this post “Catalyst meets Genesis” because that’s what it’s all about.
Let me explain.

Some time ago I looked at a WordPress theme framework called Catalyst and I was pretty impressed.
The great thing about Catalyst is that it was built for non-coders.
It allows you to produce the website you want… without spending the rest of your life learning oodles of code.
In short Catalyst is a “Web Design Toolkit” for the non-coder.

But we only have eyes for Genesis here at WM Web Design, so I waved a sad farewell to Catalyst and that was the end of that.

And then recently I came across a website building tool for the Genesis framework called Dynamik, and who was it produced by?
You’ve got it in one… the same guys who produce Catalyst.
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Video for the Genesis theme framework for WordPress

videos for genesis child theme framework for wordpress

In my opinion the best WordPress child theme framework out there is… Genesis by Studiopress.
I love it to pieces.

It has great themes, state of the art coding and a fabulous support forum, but… it doesn’t have any “show me how” videos.

Sure that lady with the deep and sexy voice narrates videos showing you how to set up your themes, but no get down and dirty videos showing you how to tinker under the bonnet.

However on a recent visit to the Studiopress blog I had a pleasant surprise…
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WordPress Genesis child themes by Rafal Tomal

rafal tomal genesis child themes for wordpress

WM Web Design work exclusively with the Genesis theme framework and the main reason is… because the guys behind Genesis are an awesome collection of people.

I’m not just talking nice, I’m talking talented.

Management with a clear and achievable vision, coders with in-depth knowledge and expertise and the man with enough talent and creative flair to sink a battleship… the one and only Mr Rafal Tomal

Rafal is the Lead Designer over at Copyblogger Media and his themes are original, clean and… absolutely stunning.
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